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Hello! My name is Çakıl. ♂ I'm a kitten from Turkey. I was a homeless kitten but now I have a family. 👧💕🐈 07.06.2017 🎂

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♡ 113 ✍ 17 Oct 26 It's my first ever #throwbackthursday post! 😺😺 My furiends @dolcelun.a and @cappuccino_cino told their adoption stories today. I want to share my story too. 😺 . . My story starts in the city Mersin. I was a stray cat who lost my mom 😿 . My former human were in vacation in that city. I went into their hotel room once and that changed my life completely. As said to my current human, I was always near them during their vacation so, they decided to take me their home which is in capital city of Turkey, Ankara. I traveled with them by car. . I was having good time there and they were loving me 💕 but I couldn't get along with their dog unfortunately. 🐶😾 I know she was just wanting to play with me but it was tiring for me. 🙀 . After couple weeks, former human who is uncle of my current human called my human to ask if they want to adopt me and they said YES! 😺😺❤ . My former human took me and we drove to the city Antalya together. Since that day I'm with my lovely humans here and I'm enjoying the cat life 😺💖 I love them as much as they love me 😽❤ . My luck brought me here. I wouldn't guess to go on a journey that contains 3 cities for my loving warm home 🏡💕 . My current human says she knew I will be little monster when she saw first photo first time 😹😹 Second photo is showing my trip from Mersin to Ankara. Lastly the map shows my journey's direction step by step 😸 Mersin➡Ankara➡Antalya . Thanks for reading until here. 😽💕 I'm so happy to be here and have great furiends like you 💖 . . . #çakıl #kedi #cat #cats #katze #gatto #gato #кот #catlover #猫 #ねこ #instacats #instakedi #catstagram #catsofinstagram #instacat #instagramcats #petsofinstagram #petstagram #instapet #catgram #kitten #kittensofinstagram #inscatgramers #bestcataward #cattified #meoowstuff #excellent_kittens #theanimal_life

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