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♡ 3233 ✍ 87 Feb 27 It’s funny how things change and stay the same simultaneously. ✨Funny… Maybe I should rethink that. I guess “funny” is not the right word to use in this instance - or it possibly is and I should indeed just laugh about it. (…) Yeah, “funny” is really not the right word to use now. One can use the word “funny” when someone has an utmost monotone way of talking, and is explaining the ins and outs of what they did at their grandmother’s family house this weekend, while at the same time, for lack of better entertainment, one is scrolling through videos of cats in awkward situations made by their overly loving cat-parents on their phone, trying to hide their smile and disinterest at the same time - that’s funny. One can also use the word “funny” when they walk into the elevator on the way to class, being late as always, while noticing that there is another person waiting to go up as well, which in this case happens to be your best friend, being just as late as oneself - that’s funny. However, when it comes to the realization that some things seem to stay the same, even though everything around you is in constant flux and motion, the word funny just does not seem to cut it. There is something powerful, peculiar and paradoxical about this thought. I remember, when I was still a little girl (although, let’s be honest, with my 5”1 I could barely call myself a big girl now anyway), I always wanted to be a writer. Translating my thoughts into written words that were actual coherent stories making other people see inside my own inner world - that is magic. I have filled many diaries with the scribbles of my own imagination over the years. My pen and diary were my private listeners - always ready to lift me up when I was down. Not only has the love for writing translated into me starting my career as a blogger, which is still my favorite outlet for sharing my creativity, it also made me extremely passionate when it comes to writing for my Law and Philosophy studies. Almost two decennia have passed since I first discovered my love of writing, and it is still burning bright as ever. I guess some things change and stay the same simultaneously. 🌹#phililyphy

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