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Musings of a millennial dog with #furstworldproblems 🎂 1 year old 🐶 F1 English Goldendoodle 🛍️ CHAI10 @pawsomepawsboutique 🛍️ CHAI @dapper.dexter

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♡ 441 ✍ 92 Mar 19 Raise your paw if your humans have struggled with what to feed you! 🙋 Mine were always stressed, and finally decided that I needed something different. Note from mom below about my food journey: "We went through multiple brands of kibble when we first brought Chai home. She would always leave half her bowl and would have consistent tummy trouble. She was even put on prescription kibble for a little while when I decided that we need a change. After months of research, and thousands of online forums, I started Chai on a combination of Dehydrated Raw and Frozen Raw - which was an expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient ordeal. We lacked options while traveling, and had to be very careful handling the frozen raw for cross-contamination. Chai liked the raw food better than kibble and would graze to finish about 3/4th of it through the day. We assumed that she just wasn't interested in food. BOY, were we wrong! We started @thefarmersdog exactly 1 month ago today, and I have never seen Chai SO excited to eat! She polishes off her meals in seconds and goes back to check if there is more! We love the packaging - From the convenient daily packs to the biodegradable insulation, It is clear that a lot of thought has been put into every aspect. We also love the convenience - They are easy to stack, and travel with. Most of all though, its the Peace of Mind. We are so happy to know that our baby is getting food that she loves, the right amount and perfect nutritive value for her specific size/lifestyle. It has really taken so much stress out of our lives. Mealtimes used to be a struggle, and are now the happiest times of the day!" Reach out to us on DM if you have any questions and we can help you with the trial! . . . . . #goldendoodle #doodledog #furchild #todayfanphoto #slpets #doggyholics #weeklyfluff #floof #fluffer #dogoftheday #dogsandpals #furbaby #bhgpets #pupdoggo1 #dooglers #feature #petsofinstagram #instagramdogs #dogmom

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