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♡ 88 ✍ 2 Mar 13 👉🏼Be that girl who..... .. -Wakes up with purpose & intent -Who shows up & never gives up -Who believes anything is possible -Who is willing to work FOR IT! -- Girlfriend, I wasn’t 100% that person. If you have been following me for a while, you think I had no struggles & life was peachy perfect. Guess what, ALL my struggles have been the ones that have PUSHED ME to BECOME THAT GIRL!😉 -- 🔸NOPE, I had no time. 🔸I didn’t considered myself successful. 🔸I didn’t have the money to spare..actually I just didn’t want to spend it. 🔸I was not in shape. 🔸I was slowly falling in a depression. 🔸Life had pulled me in sooo many time, that I had simply stopped believing in my dreams… and without realizing, I had allowed the wave of life drag me around! -- COACHING ...hasn't just changed my life & has worked for me ... It changes lives & works for those who want it and put in the work BUT I keep talking to women all week who are too scared to even GIVE THEMSELVES A CHANCE for this to be their reality. -- NOPE I had no experience and had lots of doubt. BUT I thought OK... I either STAY stuck or I give something new a CHANCE...and stop the Insanity. If it doesn't work out? What's the worst that can happen? I get a great workout in and then return it within 30 days and get my money back? basically there is ZERO RISK? -- And if it does work out ...then I could potentially be helping people for a living and loving my life? The RISK vs. REWARD on this one is pretty silly to even think about twice. -- GIVE YOURSELF A FIGHTING CHANCE! It starts with you!!#mindsetiskey #opportunityisknocking #whynotyoutoo #laptoplifesyle #pma ✌🏻

ig crmercado instagram

♡ 86 ✍ 1 Mar 12 “You can be as miserable or angry about anything as much as you want, end of the day getting emotional will not solve any of your problems. The only thing you can do is keep moving forward because whether or not you are ready, life will always go on with or without you.” ― Anonymous -- Your emotions are always holding on to your steering wheel whether you realize it or not. Emotions can be your life sucking companion or your driving force to bettering yourself. Don’t sacrifice your freedom for security other words, don't allow your emotions keep you in a safe zone all your life to avoid the uncomfortable, uneasy discipline it will take to bettering yourself in all aspect of your life: financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, etc. -- Instead of wishing to have what other have. Instead of waiting for that "One Day.." make the decision to be the change you want to see in YOURSELF! You have the power and the price will be high but the reward is so empowering. -- I'm so proud of myself for tapping into my courage & break the walls that were holding me back from unleashing my full potential and start making a difference in the world. Being a coach has taught me the power: of your story ...of being an influencer ...of personal growth. We are ALL qualified to help one another. Be BRAVE to start your own wave to change people's lives. -- If you have considered the coaching opportunity and/or want more to learn more, PM me via the link in my bio or leave your email below :) #whynotyou #laptoplife #changelives #startwithyours #bealifechanger #makewaves #bethechange #empoweryourlife #beaninfluencer #gethealthyfromtheinsideout #payitforward #powerofyou

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