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St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Willow, Olive & Jack. Just for fun.

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♡ 53 ✍ 13 Feb 28 We were tagged by @meganthefoxpom to do the #5factsaboutme. As Willow has lived 7 years longer than us we thought she better do it. πŸ’— Willow was found outside the house in Johannesburg at 5 weeks old in 2009. Hoomum thought she was a boy so named her Willoughby. No idea how hoomum thought that but she's known to be foolish at times. 4 days later the vet told her Willoughby was a boy. Hoomum quickly changed her name to Willow. πŸ’— We've mentioned many times that Willow will eat anything. This is no exaggeration. She truly is stuck in a triangle relationship with hoomum and Food. If she had to choose between the two, Food will win. πŸ’— Willow was attacked by a serpent 🐍 a few years back. She had venom from it in her eyes. She ran straight to hoomum who for once had a brain cell working and noticed the eyes. Willow spent two days in a hospital. She nearly died. Snake was never found. Willow promises us to this day that she didn't eat it. πŸ’— Willow was slim and trim only twice in her 9 years. The first was when she had to undergo spinal fusion surgery in 2013 - she lost a lot of weight - and again in 2015 when she was entered in a Hill's Diet Challenge where she was weighed by the vet every two weeks, having to reach her goal weight by a certain time. She did reach it and got a certificate and a bowl. The bowl is for... Food. πŸ’— At the beginning of 2016 she stole plums from the table outside. She ate them all. She had to be hospitalised for a day and a night. She tells us that she regrets nothing. . . . . . #dogdaughters #dogs #doglife #doglovers #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinstaworld #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #dogsathome #dogsarefamily #dogthoughts #doglove #gorgeousdog #dogsoninstagram #lovedogs

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