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♡ 557 ✍ 36 Mar 17 These are things I read on here that make my day! It's People like @embracetherecoil and Tribes like @fieldcraftsurvival @ashley.horner and @thebigpygmy that are Such Huge Humanitarians to help this World become a Better and more Prepared Place! We are All Humans on this Planet just getting by, Let's be So Much More than just That!!! β€πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ~ Please Read Below! πŸ‘‡ β€’ #Repost @embracetherecoil ・・・ I’ve carried a gun for 12 years and never needed it. I took a medical class 3 weeks ago and used it today to help save a mans life. On the last stage of our shooting competition a older man just collapsed. By the time we got him straightened out he had stopped breathing and didn’t have a pulse. I immediately started CPR while others called 911 and went to get an AED. Everyone responded so fast. Thanks to @finesthour_llc training, we had back up ready for CPR, @ironworker170 grabbed scissors, and we got the gentlemen’s shirt cut away preparing for the AED. Continued CPR til the AED shocked him twice. Another gentlemen helped with CPR. While another man administered breathing assistance. By the time EMS got there (10 minutes) he was breathing and had a heart rate back. Doctors told his family that CPR and AED saved his life. He’s at the hospital currently in testing. So thankful that Justin pushed me to this class and that people like @jasondemo @whtactical and @finesthour_llc push medical. Please get to the nearest class ASAP. Please give up one day to learn this stuff. I saw first hand how important it is today. Without that class I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do. #guns #gun #medical #cpr #training #ems #help #medicaltraining #aed #saved #pistol #shootingguns #gunlife #america #medical

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