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An endeavor to teach American Sign Language through social media. We invite you to join us + to follow along to learn! 🎥 NEW: Raising a Deaf Child ↙️

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♡ 1687 ✍ 102 Feb 26 Hey guys, just wanted to take a second to respond to some comments I’ve received. I know I’ve posted a few posts where I mention my faith. I understand that religion is a very sensitive subject- but so is American Sign Language (ASL). 🙈 I try to be careful of what I share on Signed With Heart. But Signed With Heart is not just a learning ASL account, it’s also my personal account- where I share posts from my everyday life. God is the most important part of my life, so of course from time to time, I will mention my faith. . There are other great ASL resources like and… the creator of is also on YouTube- search ‘Bill Vicars’ and also search ‘ASL THAT’- another great YouTube channel. I would not want for you to stop learning sign just because I mention God on here at Signed With Heart- so I wanted to share these other ASL resources as well. I’m REALLY grateful you are taking the time to learn sign. Thank you! . Here’s the last video from my traveling- my Deaf coworker Marisa filmed me signing a poem to raise awareness of the need for sign language Bibles. . Whether you believe in God or not, Deaf people should have equal access to every kind of information out there- including the Bible in the language they understand best in case they want to read / watch. Information is information and knowledge is power. I really believe that Deaf people should have the opportunity to learn & have access to everything that the hearing world does. . Again, thank you for taking the time to watch & learn sign. :) — #signlanguage #asl #deaf #americansignlanguage

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♡ 1421 ✍ 56 Feb 13 Sorry I went MIA!! Sooo... I broke my streak of posting everyday 😕 on the 31st of January. I fell asleep while editing a video. 😴 Now that I’m back home from traveling, I’ll be posting everyday again!! :) Anyways- this video is from a week ago- I missed the last flight home (10pm) and the next flight wasn’t until the following morning (7:20am) so I took an uber to stay at a nearby hotel overnight. Waiting for my uber ride, I noticed the message at the bottom of the Uber profile "your driver is deaf or hard of hearing” and I thought that was interesting, because what are the chances of a deaf rider getting a deaf driver?! So, I had my iPhone out and ready to film!! 😄 The driver came out of the car to open the trunk and as soon as he turned to me I signed, “are you Deaf?”... and obviously he wasn’t... I had no idea what he said. I put my suitcase in the trunk and got in the car (there were already two riders in the car) and then the driver looking at me through the rearview mirror said something to me and again, no idea what he said, I just pointed to my ear and shook my head. 5 minutes later, we stopped at what looked like a hotel... and the driver looked at me in the rearview mirror again and then I typed on my iPhone to ask him if this was my drop off since no one was getting out of the car yet and I didn’t see the “Holiday Inn” sign and he nodded. So, we both got out of the car and he got my suitcase out of the trunk and then I signed, thank you. ** I’m sharing this to show that not all deaf / hard of hearing people know sign. 🙃 So, when you’re not sure if one is Deaf, the easiest way to find out is to ask, “are you Deaf?” If they didn’t understand you then I recommend communicating with them in the same way they communicate to you like if they write to you on a piece of paper, then write back on the paper, etc. — #signlanguage #asl #americansignlanguage #deaf

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