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💪🏼Trainer - Venice CA 👓BSc Human Kinetics 🐽ISSN Sports Nutrition 💍My Hunk @justindlovato ✉ #⃣IAMBUILT 🎥YouTube & 📲App: IAMBUILT

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♡ 1502 ✍ 90 Mar 7 This smelfie was for my hot mama @tthatfitbetch but let’s do a few thangs with this post for the public: 1. Look at my new hurrrr thanks to @raphael_silerio at Ramirez Tran Salon. Chop chop yahoooo 2. I’m eating a yummy smoothie and it consists of: hemp protein, wheat grass powder, broccoli sprouts, hemp seeds, cacao, frozen strawberries, water & sprinkled with unsweetened coconut flakes 3. From a girl who gets her nails done every two weeks, and has for the past literally 15 years lol, I finally paused to realize how f’n toxic the polish and acetone are. Humph. I do a trillion things trying to solve my acne problem, and eat so goddamn healthy, but then slop chemicals onto my fingers and into my hair & skin daily! THAT SAID, yes obvi I’m going to do my nails still and color my hair, but I’m also going to be a little more aware of WHAT products I use and cut back on the toxins when I can. It really can be as extreme as environmental toxins and chemicals -> excess estrogen -> hormone imbalance -> acne, weight gain, you name it! There’s balance to everything and maybe letting my nails breathe for a couple extra weeks or switching my shampoos & soaps, laundry detergent & cleaning products, to natural, non-toxic & fragrance-free wouldn’t hurt. There are so many products to consider and I’ll never expect myself to be perfect & strict with them all, but making substitutions or compromises when I can seems easy enough right? Why not try to take care of your precious body from allll angles 💁🏻‍♀️💜✌🏼🧘🏻‍♀️ #iambuilt #hair #bob #smoothie #healthylife #whoop @justindlovato

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