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The original #slimmingworldboy - Slimming World's greatest loser 2012 with a loss of over 17st! Find me on twitter @matt_briggs

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♡ 1368 ✍ 47 Mar 16 #SlimmingWorld #slimmingworldboy when you open the NEW @slimmingworld magazine - and not only get to see a couple of amazing friends featured (can’t show you til Monday when it goes on sale) but also find your own article from back in July 2012!! (Think it’s time for a reshoot though hint hint 😉😉) Inspired my #facetofacefriday - when I went for the shoot it was March 2012 I think - before I even knew I was going to be #greatestloser2012 nationally for the company! The shoot was amazing - this was before social media had taken off and so I wasn’t a selfie junkie then 😂 - I was so nervous but the whole team there were amazing and I felt at ease! They even got me to smile for the camera!! 😁! My ever changing life and #weightlossjourney has never ended - from day 1 to now - I still continue #foodoptimising and building in #bodymagic and ensure I’m there for #imagetherapy every single week! That’s why I’m still here - just with a bigger smile!! 😃 Some pictures at the bottom show the last 10 years - left to right - my 26th birthday 2008, Christmas Day 2009 (the photo that started everything!), my @slimmingworld #slimmingworldmagazine photo shoot in March 2012 and then finally a couple of weeks ago! If I can do it - 31st 3 1/2lbs to where I am these days - then so can everyone else! Don’t doubt yourself - believe you can! Don’t be in a rush - changing your life takes time! 8 years and counting for me! A positive outlook to every day will always help! #positivementalattitude #pma #nevergiveup

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