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Wellington 🍭NZ📍Anthropology 🌍 & International Relations 📚Just My Visual Diary/🌞🌻✨Living La Vida Loca in Mexico 🇲🇽💃🏼🌮 Doesn't speak much Spanish

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♡ 73 ✍ 0 Jan 23 The Feliz Cumpleaños Continued: When I met you, my first year of university got a whole better, CraZier, and involved a tonne more very-committed costumes. Thanks for being my absolute All or Nothing partner in crime @cooldaywithesme 💓here are just a few snaps (that were extremely hard to select from what seems like a freaking lifetime of photos, mostly dress up snaps! HA) of us being our generally weird selves: who else can you campaign for refugees with, go on romantic strolls and road trips with, as well as hippy festivals, talk about life all night under the moon on a random rock by the ocean with, eat porridge in a bath with, share drunk pasta with on many an occasion, "study" all day with, make rap videos with just for fun, and literally dress up as everything from hipsters, cowgirls, 90s kids, boys, rappers, the Irwin family, and let us not forget that one time we dressed up as Young Nats for Halloween... to name a few of a whole lot of great times. (Though I swear every second photo is us cross dressing as guys, seriously 😂) Everything that we did or organised in first year escalated, (Tower of Power challenge??) and that pretty much sums up our friendship: an escalation of crazy energy and ideas and general excitement, wrapped in a whole lotta love haha. ❤️And then you have always been and are my rock dude, so thank you for the eternal support through not only the ups and the best of times (and man have there been some grand grand times) but also through the not-so-great ones, (the Shingle semester *cough) and for always cheering me up when I got stressed about assignments, and making literally EVERYTHING into an adventure: even a simple supermarket trip to buy crostinis, pasta and Scrumpy. 😉Looking back at these photos was a very nostalgic trip down memory lane and I realised how many hilarious stories we have to tell the grandkids when we're old and sitting on rocking chairs together. 😜 The best of this lot is definitely the last 2k16 flat selfie though, What a mood. 😂 Todo mi amor ❤️ I am genuinely excited for much more nonsense and shenanigans with you, and to see you change the world! 🌎 #loveletters #inlovewithmyfriends #happybirthday 🎈

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♡ 82 ✍ 6 Jan 2 2017 🌟// Gratitude Diaries: 6 ✨#35mm edition Thank you for teaching me again, or reminding me to live boldly, and love enormously. Thank you for reminding me of my determination and desire to chase my dreams and goals and thank you for seeing so many of those through. ✨ 2017 marked my last semester at Victoria university, where I have spent years studying and grinding towards completing my bachelors degree. Wellington had become my home and the people there: my family. In the first semester I worked hard, tried to recall my discipline learnt in my youth (thank you Mum for making me swim for hours even when I didn't want to go to training for all of those years) and received some of my best grades yet, worked part time, trained for and completed my first half marathon, organised and applied for an exchange, grants and scholarships, and worked towards completing a Leadership Programme at my university. And I got to Mexico, which was perhaps my biggest goal of 2017. Hey I'm not fluent in Spanish yet (a goal for 2018!) but I sure have lived every second here in Mexico to its fullest, and appreciated every single day that I get to be here, living and experiencing such a beautiful and diverse country and culture in this gorgeous corner of the world! Mexico has taught me so much... but more on this later ... ❤️ But the thing is; those were just some of my tangible goals, and the people that I met and spent last year with are most important and mentionable. I am so grateful to have met so many amazing people and new friends in the beginning of the year, and the theme of new connections lasted throughout 2017. I met and formed friendships with people it seemed in 24 or 48 hours after last New Years, and then more amazing and like-minded people who I somehow hadn't met before seemed to emerge all semester, for the first half of 2017... and this continued in Mexico! It has reinforced the old cliche that your vibes definitely attract your tribe, and there is no one else to be but unapologetically you. I think perhaps the greatest lesson of 2017 for me personally though was to live and love fearlessly. (cont in comments if at all interested in this novella of my year) 😂

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♡ 82 ✍ 8 Dec 21 Lengthy Life Update (with photos): So I am the girl with thousands of digital photos, and probably hundreds that have just been developed on film, who hasn't had the time or chance yet to sort through anyyy of em; buuut this gram is going to be spammed when I do 😅 (because Mexico is the most photogenic country❣️) It's been a bizi past few weeks since uni finished of muchO life admin and organisation (exciting things to come for 2018 thoughhhh 💭☺️✨) mixed with some very cool catch ups with some very cool local Amigos and Amigas, (who have shown me more of Guadalajara in a few weeks than I had had the chance to explore and see within four busy months of living and studying here), some rest, some yoga, (attempting to recharge from a sleep-deprived but fantastic semester 😅) more goodbyes (sad face)... and a few pretty cool and spontaneous adventures like this other day... Amongst running errands downtown, it was the best kind of Monday, and day in general: entailing at least 10kms of walking and wandering between places in the huge downtown of Guadalajara (that I am still figuring out!), frequently stumbling upon cool little lanes of street art by accident, accidentally discovering more cool hand-craft and foodie markets in this cittyy, (and the best vegan burger + Hot chocolate of my life), meeting a very interesting Italian guy who lives and travels all around Mexico making analogue prints on glass using a historical photographic technique with Collodion and glass, (who insisted that I let him take my portrait when I wanted to buy one of his other prints 😅) and finally finding the first vintage store that I've seen in Guadalajara by utter accident, on my way to the coolest little tea house... 💕 Ft. two cheeky little niños who asked for their picture to be taken when I was photographing the Cathedral. ☺️ Also I evidently sort of like street art. 💓 In conclusion to this lengthy ramble: Guadalajara, you seem to get cooler by the day. 😎 A Photo Journal. 📷 // Life update 🌞✨//Instagram spam to make up for my neglect of posting any of my photos of the past month 🙈 #me #livinlavidaloca #guadalajara #mexico 🇲🇽 #whataday #streetsofmexico #adventureswithlaura

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