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LIFE, the (me)aning of her name ~Wonder

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♡ 3596 ✍ 79 Mar 22 •| W R I T E • H E R |• #TheRightHER in @vanityfair 👽 Here’s the deal. Lena’s been rewriting history before anyone was ever interested in her words. Her entrance and existence in the world in the beginnings of the beginning was a profound prologue to the international dialogue that now echoes her name in corners of the earth where black queer girls still don’t have permission to be black queer girls. Enter LENA WAITHE with the REWRITE of a lifetime. According to @vanityfair “Lena Waithe is rewriting the rules for the next generation.” Yo! My heart is dancing as the earth shifts just a little today, caused by the heavy vibration of Lena planting her Jordan clad feet on the pavements and treading mightily through welcome and unwelcome territory to disturb and disrupt the diatribe towards queer women, women of color, and the scores of others newly liberated by the book of Lena. Well before the television shows, the movies, the awards, the magazine covers was a young girl from the South Side of Chicago who genuinely and generously built EVERYONE around her up as she began to build her empire. She legit started from the “bottom” now she “HERE!” The gag is this is likely still the “bottom” for her because she’s an alien, other worldly, thinking and moving on levels that aren’t found anywhere in the rule book. Her grand heart’s agenda is so much bigger and broader than earth could conceive. She’s creating a legacy that will make it all make sense one day.....For today, let’s pick up our proverbial pens and join the “WRITE HERS” room where we re-write these antiquated rule books🤜🏾 🖋🖋🖋🖋 We love you Leenz!!! Who else is reading this from the 26th chamber of the afterlife-just DEAD!

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