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♡ 13594 ✍ 1101 Mar 7 My post got a lot of u bitches chattin bout shit yall know nothing about. Ive been gettin my nails done since iwas 13 im 27 years old now. Growin up this is how I saw woman wear their nails LONG , THICK AND KURVED! TO TALK NAILS WITH ME IS TO TALK CULTURE, TO TALK CULTURE U HAVE TO BE WHERE IM FROM. u bitches now nd days just go and follow trends. You act out and base ur self on shit u see everyone already doing. All u hoes look tha same frm contouring , nails , clothes , wigs , ass shots , boob job , full face reconstruction oh nd those big fake ass teeth yall get put in yall mouth whteva odd ass science project type sh*t yall do . Cant forget ur Mind state , u thinkin tha same ass hoes!!! My views are different when people got surgery it was to better themseleves yall do it to have tha fatest ass on “the gram” or to get that “Bartendin” job at starlets 😒 Smhod LET ME JUST get back to the NAILS . Yall “Skinny , thin , frail ass nails” trend annoys me iShow my nail tech , Nail pics of Shanaynay, Baps and better u hoes show your nail tech a pale ass hand likk “do this for me” and You dont see the problem with that. smh that “skinny nail shit” was made to be “acceptable” its just so amazin how us black woman started this trend but yet when u google “long nails” its a bunch of white ass hands being showed , showing off with “ghetto styles” . On that note the ONLY place i’m seein on INSTAGRAM with Short , Long , thick , skinny , kurved , all type of flava is @juniebeenails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TeyanaForTheCulture now im done .

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