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This is where the deals at!! Begin your journey with a starter kit! Add on the petal, this diffuser is in the flash sale until Friday night. Now you’re set for wellness! 2 years ago I made the best decision and opened our home to natural solutions and never looked back. I love having all these resources at my fingertips 💜 A little bit about the Top 10 Oils: 🔸Breathe - maintains clear airways and breathing and supports respiratory health 🔸Deep Blue - soothes sore muscles and joints and promotes healthy circulation. 🔸DigestZen - aids in the digestion of foods and soothes occasional stomach upset 🔸OnGuard - supports healthy immune function and protects against environmental threats. 🔸Lemon - excellent source of antioxidants and cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces. 🔸Melaleuca - cleansing and rejuvenating to the skin and soothes minor skin irritations. 🔸Oregano - powerful cleansing and purifying agent and supports healthy digestion. 🔸Peppermint - promotes respiratory health and alleviates occasional stomach upset. 🔸Lavender - calming and relaxing and soothes minor skin irritations. 🔸Frankincense - helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, provides emotional support, promotes cellular health and reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks. . . I’d love to guide you in welcoming natural products into your lifestyle. Contact me today! Offer good until 2/23 10pm. . . #flashsale #48hrsale #essentialoils #healthyliving #happylife #happyfamilies #empowerment #doterra #yleo #yl #yourjourneystartshere #oiljourney #lifestyle #naturalliving 10 ♡ 2 ✍ March 22