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: || ~ S P R I N G E Q U I N O X ~ || . . Today marks the Spring Equinox of 2018 this is a fairly heavy energetic time in the sense that there is SO much happening specifically this month. Simplistically speaking the Equinox marks the time of divine BALANCE and the shift from hibernation to an energetic rebirth. Balance is a huge energy that is very present today and a wise one would not only acknowledge that but would put that into play. It is a time to PURGE what no longer serves us and consciously plant the seeds of that which we would like to MANIFEST into our lives. The overall energy of 2018 unlike 2017 which was of mainly purging and awakening is of Manifestation and Personal Growth as night shifts to day this strong fire or solar energy acts like a catalyst or fast-forward motion to all that is planted. 🍃 . . It is truly our own personal responsibility to know whether we are planting seeds of fruition or destruction. On an emotional level you may be feeling overwhelmed, confused, or lost due to the many energies present. Take the necessary time for lone self reflection to gain your own capitalized clarity. Listen to your intuition and guidance if around this time of year you are strongly magnetized to furthering your personal and spiritual knowledge whether through a specific class or energy practitioner. This is a KEY time to invest in yourself. There are many tools for both Purging & Manifesting available for anyone who so desires to help themselves and create the life that they desire. 💞 . . **Advice from Above 🔮** “Get informed and don’t waste the gift that is 2018!” . . @nama.stacey 🧜🏻‍♀️ 6 ♡ 1 ✍ March 20