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Chapter: Moonas Birthday ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ "Lunas! Where are you bringing me?" Moona said unsure, while her eyes was covered by Lunas. "Dont worry, Princess! You will like it!" said Lunas while leading her outside of Alfea. Outside, the rubyix club, some of the Specialists and other people stood there, waiting for Lunas and Moona to come. Before Lunas took off the scarf from Moonas covered eyes, he made a 'pshhh' sign to the others. After Lunas uncovered Moonas eyes, she opened her eyes and was surprised what she saw. "SURPRISE!" everyone cheered while looking at Moona. "W-what?! Y-you guys did this for me!" said Moona surprised again while putting her Hands to her mouth. "Happy Birthday Baby Girl!" Lunas smiled at Moona. "Oh stop! I'm Not a Baby anymore...You know!" Moona playfully pouted while playfully hitting his Arm softly. "Hahaha...I know, but still...you're still my little sister after all...and whatever happens, I will be there...for you!" said Lunas while hugging her tightly. Moona smiled while hugging him back. Everything went perfect until a Person appeared. "Moona?" said the Person while everyone turned around to him. "Can I...errm talk to you for a Moment?" After hearing that question, Moona went out off Lunas arms and stood there, looking at him, but didnt say anything. She then exchanged an uneasy glace at Lunas while he stared completly ambitious at that Person. ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛Chapter closed 👑 ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ Hope you guys like the edit and the story (even if the story doesnt fit really to that Pic 😂😅) 😀💖 ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ #winxclub #winxclone #winxstella #winxbrandon #oc ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ 21 ♡ 4 ✍ March 22