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I can see a problem that did not exist before... You see when you (and I) were growing up, healthy wasn’t fashionable, like let it is now. Every magazine celebrated stick thin models. Even now the fashion designers prefer stick thin, easier to design clothes for than curvy. Is it any wonder this has had an effect on your relationship with food. If I’m being honest, I didn’t initially create my Lose and Shape Up system to tackle this, but it seems it does! See it adopts a “everything in moderation principle”. No good or bad. Food has a purpose to nourish us and keep us healthy, for instance after exercise, the body need to top up it’s spent energy reserves and start replenishing and repairing ready for the next one. Teaches you to be aware and listen to your body- hunger and feeling satisfied or full. The difference of having a healthy snack to avoid over eating at a meal time as opposed to a treat. To learn to enjoy eating healthy food, rather than enduring a restrictive diet (diet- a four letter word). That if you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and install habits that run on autopilot, you feel better and weight loss happens as a by product. Of course this does not happen over night, but it’s like the process itself as you start applying the principles things get easier. But it does not need to be all or nothing. Imperfect action is absolutely fine. #womensweightloss, #losethemummytummy, #mums, #weightlossforbusymums, #busymumsweightlosssystem, #mumsexercisesystem, #mummy, #happyhealthymums, #mum, #getyourbodyback, #busymumssmallgroupexercise, #busymumsweightlossresults, #Ferndown, #Verwood, #Ringwood, #West Moors, #Wimborne, #Bournemouth, #Dorset, #FatlossforMums, #toningforMums, #healthymums, #loseandshapeupexpert, #realisticweightlossformums, #healthyrelationshipwithfood, #notanallornoghingweightlossplan, 5 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23