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PART 3 of 3 . . But then there is also the beauty in the mess 🙈. . And I don't mean the beauty you can see with your eyes. Like the apartment styled to perfection or the dream beach on your prefect holiday. I mean the beauty from with in. . . While I was leaving the kitchen, with a bottle of milk in one hand and my baby girl on the other arm. Thinking about what i still need to do. - Will there still be time to tidy up my sons room after I hang the remaining laundry to dry and cleaned the kitchen. - I'm getting a bit frustrated about this not perfected ending of such a lovely day. So while I'm handing the milk to my boy my mind is still caught in my thoughts. . Suddenly a break. . H* just smilies at me: "Thank you mommy. H* loves you 😍!" . . . So what's my point. What my intension in writing this? . I just would admirer some more honesty and some more real life moments out here in the WWW. . To all mommy's out there, you are doing a great job! It's not about the perfect picture, it's about there little hearts and all the love they will return. They will not remember the messy days or dirty laundry. They will remember the fun you had playing the whole day outside. . To all young and fragile souls. Yes maybe there are those awesome looking influencers with this cool job, traveling the world and being payed to do only the cool stuff. Maybe it seams to be easy and just fun, but please don't forget you are one of a kind and beauty is only what you are making out of it. . And please, I don't want to say real life always needs to be messy or chaotic or because you have kids you can not have that flawless moment. It's not that I want to judge someone, or think this one mom with five kids can not be flawless all the time. Sure, everyone is different, and there are those moms that makes those kind of perfection look so easy. But that's not the point. I just wish we would keep it a bit more like in real life. And a bit chaotic from time to time. . . Don't forget about who you are maybe influencing with what you are posting! And don't forget that beauty is more than what meets the eye! . (Starts on picture 1 - this is a panorama pic - it's posted in three parts) 29 ♡ 3 ✍ August 7