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YOUR BODY is the only real HOME that you will ever have 🏡 All of our souls came into physical bodies for a physical experience. So treat it with care, love and respect. Eat clean and healthy foods, avoid chemicals and food additives, eat whole foods from known organic sources and local farm markets. Eat a balanced diet full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Hydrate your bodies well every day with a lot of water (I like to start my day drinking several large glasses of warm water, sometimes with lemon, to hydrate and recharge after sleep). Use natural products for the body with as little added chemicals as possible. What goes on our skin is absorbed and gets inside of our bodies, too! Use pure coconut or almond oil instead of lotions when possible, natural hand soaps (goat's milk or Dr. Bronner's are best!), and other natural skincare products (I love Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr). Of course, no need to go to extremes by avoiding every little thing and driving yourself insane by being perfect, that will leave you anxious and won't do your psych health any good. Just choose mindfully. 🍀Choose herbs and natural supplements over pharma drugs more of the time. Walk daily (we are too attached to our cars nowadays!) and exercise - find which exercise routine you love the most (be it yoga or gym workouts or Pilates) and just do it! And of course, don't forget the inner world - find ways to react less to stressful situations. Meditation works wonders for that! 🙏🏻 Follow your happiness, live a mindful and healthy life, and you will be surprised how long your body will last you ☺️Don't abandon it! Treat it as your sacred temple for your soul. 🙏🏻#mindfulliving #meditatedaily #starseed #lightworkers #healers #loveandlight #mindfulness 462 ♡ 4 ✍ March 24