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In deep honor and respect of my ancestry... Thank you~ • To my paternal AND maternal roots, You’ve given me more than you ever thought you would. Your guilt, your shame, it’s all valid; it’s all real and deserved. But it isn’t mine to carry. And in this moment, I ask you to forgive yourself and all those before you; I too, forgive you for all you’ve done (or haven’t). *I miss you* ho*oponopono . Oh fathers, you’ve given me this incredible force of strength. That I CAN DO ANYTHING when I WORK HARD, and when I STAY FOCUSED I am STRONGER than I ever thought possible. My northern hemisphere roots, you have taught me some weird shit. For example, the four seasons. I am so grateful for them. Their constant reminders of thy self in this world and the next. That in order to grow we must change. •• My season begins in autumn. A time of harvest and gratitude for all that’s been given thus far. It is also the time we prepare for survival of the cold, dark winter... a time for deep self-reflection and moving completely inward. Where else to go in the cold but inside? As I think about this passed season, I feel many things. I feel the heaviness I was feeling, but wasn’t aware of at the time. (Still processing) I feel the collective and the suffering hearts. I feel the cries and fears and anguish. The uneasiness and discomfort, or rather the uncomfortability. ••• 🐍🐍🐍CHEERS!💧💧💧 We made it! Breathe. Again now, imagining this breath to nourish everywhere you feel it. Breathe, and now focus on your exhale - let it all go. Empty your lungs using your gut. Feel free~ & happiest Spring Equinox ! . 🙏🏽✨⚫️💓🔴⚡️🙌🏽 #mestizo #trees #earth #ancestors #spirit #guidance #truth #rocks #yoga #pranayama #mifamilia #amidsummersdayspentwiththesetreeswouldshiftmylife #whodathunk #me #reconnecting #healingoldwounds #reclaimingmypower #solitude #self #consciousness #feminine #yinyang #masculine #whentwobecomeone #balance 14 ♡ 0 ✍ March 20