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Hello again! As promised, here are my thoughts on Musical Week, for any of you who take interest. Honestly, I don't think many would, but it felt incomplete to just post all my drawings without any commentary. Let's go! Mon, OCEANGRUNGE: First day's never easy. I struggle to complete works on a daily basis, but this one turned out great! Simple, strong design. Tue, FUTUREFUNK: Funnest drawing of the week! Somehow managed to pull off the 90's anime look for her, and I don't think I pulled it off perfectly, but she's still overflowing with personality. Wed, WITCHHOUSE: As of now, the week's most-liked drawing. Actually, the drawing with the most likes on my Instagram, period! Total smash hit, and I couldn't be happier. Such presence. Thu, VAPORWAVE: Was excited for this one and I must say: he looks striking! The curly hair is a strong point and his general weirdness is special. Nice. Fri, LOFI: Something different. Lofi is very much "background music", too subtle and relaxed to actually take front stage, so I focused on the environment. The colors in this one were tricky, but worth it. Sat, SYNTHWAVE: Uploaded it about ten minutes before my deadline. Even then, it turned out nice and detailed, total highlight! Sun, NIGHTCORE: The hero we deserve! Supposed to personify a headache and "too much anime". Uncomfortably hyperactive, just like nightcore! In the end, though, she looks more like a Touhou character, doesn't she? Life is whimsical. And here we are: the ending of our MUSICAL WEEK! It was a trip and I hope it was a fun one. I can't always do these weeks as they're so much work and I already have other duties, but they'd also be less special. My favorite drawings were vaporwave and synthwave. This was a fun, tiring week, but that's fine because now, as we return to our normal non-schedule. Thank you all!! #oc #originalcharacter #myart #traditionalart #artistsoninstagram #coloredillustration #drawing #sketchbook #characterdesign #dailydrawing #dailyillustration #original #themedweek #weird #original #pencil #illustration #quickdrawing #sketch #color #coloredsketch #compilation #layout #instagramlayout #colorful #signature #thankyou #week #ink #indiaink 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 19