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I used to #dream about one day I can travel whenever I want, I don’t need to take day off, vacation to do it. This dream has come true since 2 year ago, when I decided quit full time job and start full time focusing for my startup: traveling e-commercial website. Next 2 month later, I decided to leave my startup which I’ve worked for 1 more year and that time was releasing it on market and. No more working, I travel 24/7 my time. At that moment changing my normal life to be my own life. I have more chances and more time for traveling continuously through many countries. With the time, I #travel far my country and learn many different cultures. Living in different cities, abroad made me feel everyday worth to explore, everyday is a new day. I love the little things around me that I did not notice that before. Example?! When I arrived #hoian early in the morning, many xe-om tried to cheat me on price, I decided to walk back home, maps.me bring me to the tiny tiny “road” which wide is just fit my feet, I laughed at myself “okay, this is my second hometown and I still get lost”. Getting lost always fun that I can tell you. On the way back, a lot #wildflowers blooming, we are in #spring, #green #grass #purple #yellow #white #pink from different #flowers make the #landscape is more and more beautiful. I enjoyed the #beauty of #nature , the peaceful of #countryside. I remember I read a poem somewhere “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who #wander are lost;...” my words might be long but nothing compare to my feelings #wandering in my heart 6 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22