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ONE - A 2015 study from the Journal of the American Medical Assoc. reported 59% of Americans on prescription medication. If you are on multiple medications, there is a chance that your medications interact with each other, making them more effective, less effective, or producing a completely different, secondary effect. Some of these effects may be good, some bad.  Now, let's expand on that. You may not be on multiple medications but are you on one medication and taking any sort of supplement? If you answered yes, then consider yourself on more than one "medication", using a supplement or substance that doesn't require a prescription does not exclude you from these sorts of interactions. For example, fish oil may increase the effectiveness of blood pressure medication, this interaction has the potential to drop a person's blood pressure TOO LOW. While this is a fairly minor interaction, this is why it is important to let your doctor know about the supplements you take. . . . TWO - While being on medication is not a bad thing, it is important to become involved in your own health and understand possible interactions your medication(s) may have and changes you can make to help with medication side effects and effectiveness - I'm going to use myself as a big, super duper transparent example here. I have epilepsy, I am fortunate enough to be on only one medication, and more than happy with how my med, Keppra, controls my seizures. However, one of its most common side effects are some pretty not fun mental stuff. Since I'm a super journal article nerd, I came across some studies showing B6 helping alleviate these struggles. On my next neurology appointment, I brought in the study, and my doctor and I came to the decision to try B6 at a decided "dosage" to see if it would help me. While the difference wasn't necessarily night and day, I definitely experienced some mood-boosting effects that I had huge appreciation for. . . . Bottom line, supplements can have some strong effects - sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad. Keep both yourself and your medical provider in the loop on interactions, ask questions, and have some fun on this journey to better health. 💕 13 ♡ 2 ✍ March 21