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100 Kettlebell Swings with no or very limited rest in between, works amazing as a HIIT after a weight training session. Benefits of KBswings: 1) Total-Body Toning Rather than isolating certain muscle groups with each workout move (as you do when you lift regular dumbells or use a weight machine), kettlebells work all of your major muscle groups at once. In fact, kettlebell swings target over 600 muscles! That’s because when you swing a kettlebell around, your whole body has to work in order to keep yourself in control. With this type of workout, it’s all about stabilizing your core and keeping your balance. Lower Body Breaking down the kettlebell swing, the action first targets your body’s lower half. Your leg muscles (mainly your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves) work with your glutes, hips and lower back to generate force for the swing. According to a 2012 study published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,” researchers found the hip-hinge movement of the swing cause the muscles in your lower back and butt to experience a cycle of contractions and relaxation. This cycle helps tone your muscles, giving you that desired lean look. Middle Body Once the swing action begins, your body’s midsection kicks into gear. Your abs will immediately contract. Your entire abdomen will work with your back muscles to stabilize the force of the swing, keep your body in balance, and provide you needed strength. Upper Body As your arms swing the kettlebell up toward your chest, the primary muscles in your shoulders contract. Additionally, your lats and deltoids act as stabilizers once you reach the upright movement of the swing. #gym #workout #strengthtraining #HIIT #kettlebell #cardio #leanmuscle #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #fattofit #weightloss #fatloss #inchloss #beshreya #bestself #becomebetter #gymmotivation #wednesdaywisdom #workoutwednesday #girlwholift #instagirl #fitnessmotivation #instagram #hashtag #Indian #bahrain #gymtime #trainlikeanangel #victoriassecret #victoriasports 17 ♡ 2 ✍ March 21