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I have only been drama free for a little over 2 years. In those 2 years, i have grown tremendously. I've learned that most of my "drama" came from my need to prove things to others, and my need to understand the actions of others even when they were the ones in the wrong. With each situation, my "drama" would put me in a frenzy because I just could not understand why i would be treated the way that i was and how, even when I was right, I was still made out to be the bad guy. The first step to recovery is always admittance or acceptance and I had to come to realization the I put myself in those situations. I was "too nice" and allowed certain things that I shouldn't. Being lied to, I forgave. Being manipulated, I made excuses. Being "played with", I knew I deserved better but because it happened so much, I accepted that fate as a normality. I had to come to realize that if I didn't love myself enough to uphold my standards and not allow anything less than I deserved, hen how could I ever expect anyone else to love me. I deserved freedom to be myself(my situations became a prison and I was doing time for a crime I did not commit but would not stand up against), I deserved respect, I deserved to be loved UNCONDITIONALLY and I deserved to be happy. I did and I still do. This is an ongoing journey. I feel and am so much better now. What journey are you on? Let's talk. If you like it, feel free to SHARE! #boldlybeautiful #lipstickchronicles #womenempowerment #blackgirlmagic #melaninmagic #motivation #inspiration #sundayinspiration #mondayinspiration #mondaymotivation #lipstick #veganlipstick #veganmakeup #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreelipstick 8 ♡ 0 ✍ March 19