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{C6 aka I have Careless Whisper stuck in my head thanks to this scene} Peter takes her to the forest that surrounds the campus. They walk silently before he puts her down on a carpet of heather. She can't hear the music from the party just the sounds of the forest. They are alone, she and him. She loses herself in the eyes of her beautiful vampire all her troubles disappear. He leans tenderly towards her their lips meeting. His green eyes glow with the desire he feels at the moment. He starts kissing down her neck and all rational thought leaves her. His kisses make feel alive, it sets fire to her throat and the rest of her body. She isn't displeased with the turn of events but the setting is unusual more unusual than her room in the manor. His hands trail down her spine as if trying to play her to make her lose control. She's already at his mercy.  Dozens of chills run through her body when his hands run along her neck, his touch tickles her hyper sensitive skin as he sucks her lips like it's a sweet candy. She wants to tell him that she feels full of desire for him, but also a tenderness, MC rarely felt before but her lios are paralysed rendering her speechless. She's short of breath as he continues kissing her, putting her hands in his blue hued hair while he caresses her cheek. His soft and silky hair slips through her fingers while his eyes light up. She holds him in her arms, as if to keep him with her for eternity, and to make this moment last as long as possible. He takes advantage of this to kiss the most sensitive parts of her body, her lips, neck, shoulders, the swell of her breasts that her cleavage is showing. Feverish and near giving herself up she slips her fingers beneath his shirt wanting to feel his musles gliding beneath her fingers. #peterbartholy #isitlovedrogo #isitlovepeter #isitlovemysteryspell #isitlove #isitlovematt #isitloveryan #isitlovegame #isitlovedrogovampire #isitloveenglish #drogobartholy #isitlovenicolae #nicolaebartholy #otome #otomegame #vampireotome #game #isitloveau #isitlovepeterenglish #isitlovepetervampire #isitlovedrogoenglish #mysteryspell #1492studio #love #lovestory #vampire 1 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23