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23.3.18 it has been three years since Chris Hardman died. I apologise for posting more than once today and I don’t quite care how the cover sounds or how I look rn or how many likes this gets. im here and im alive and this is something i never in a million years wanted to have to say. Three years ago the most important boy in my life killed himself. I met him when i was four. My life turned upside down. i probably wasn’t very important to him. but after we met I cried. he called my dad and told him to tell me to not worry, that we would see each other soon. we never did. he was a singer. but he was also the boy that saved me. i am who i am because of him. i love music and being creative because of him. god dammit i picked up a guitar because of him. i remember hugging him. i oddly remember it all. i remember crying for weeks and weeks when it happened, getting bullied because i was too depressive. Chris was never a bad human being. he dealt with shit. too much shit. he didn’t deserve it. and no matter how alone i feel i know he’s in my heart and right above me like a guardian angel. forgive me for the sudden flood of emotions. today is a hard day. and it will never not hurt. you were loved, you were important. and you still are. gosh I miss you. Here is a song of his, I never noticed. all the love in the world, mia. p.s. None of you are ever alone. please don’t leave someone the way Chris left his family, friends, and me. you mean something. 1 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23