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My Target sweater, 70% off....squeeeee. The day did not start off with squeeeeeees though. Steph had a meeting at work, we weren’t suppose to be able to go to church. Deep in my heart I knew it would be cancelled and I actually started getting ready, doing my nails. Then the tears came from noooowhere...well....mix the PMS blahs with a ton of frustration....I get so tired of feeling like I am in prison, trapped, peering out between the bars like a caged bird. I hate that I can not drive. I cried ugly bad. Then the text came. The meeting was cancelled, church was for sure on, and my eyes were a puffy mess. I shoved tea bags in a bowl of ice water and started getting ready. Vertigo girl running up and down the hall with drippy, ice cold tea bags shoved in my eye sockets praying I remembered the layout of the house and didn’t trip over a cat and my body screaming in pain from the extra moves I have added to my workout over the last week. I feel like I have been beaten with a baseball bat, but in a weird way it is a sore that feels good. My Dove chocolate wrapper quote ‘the magic is in the mess’. There must be a crap ton of magic in this girl! During worship at church tonight I had to add an extra prayer. Dear Jesus please don’t let a chicken cutlet fall out of my sweater here at church. Please please please. I could feel them slipping and sliding around. There are so many wonderful things that happen when you lose weight and get in shape. Suddenly finding yourself no long being an average C girl, but now possessing the chest of a 12 year old boy is not one of them, sometimes a girl just has to stuff her secrets from Victoria, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight was a sometime it didn’t. The guy a few seats over from me popped his hearing aid out of his ear and I had to turn my phones flashlight on to help him find it, dear Lord I don’t need him to return the favor if one of these fall out. Jesus I am so sorry I ugly cried today, please. We needed to pick up dinner at Walmart, I yanked the cutlets out, chucked them on the passenger seat. You know that is not the weirdest thing you can find on car seat in a Walmart parking lot! 6 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21

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| WHAT I EAT IN A DAY...DAY 16 | Day 16 of the @medicalmedium #90DayThyroidRehab challenge • 🔆WHAT I EAT IN A DAY🔆 -16 oz of lemon water and raw honey -B12 -Green Juice and Cara Cara oranges -16 oz of lemon water -Lunch: Smoothie...wild blueberries, raspberries, banana, barley grass, wheat grass, raw honey, and coconut water -licorice root and l-lysine -16 oz of lemon water -16 oz of celery juice -16 oz of lemon water and raw honey -Dinner: @breakingfreewithwhitney #whitneywraps ...spinach, sprouts, cilantro and broccoli microgreens wrapped in a collard leaf. Then made a garlic, parsley, and pine nut dressing to dip it in. *warning pine nuts have a lot of fat. Not sure if my liver will be okay with this one but it was worth a try. I’ll keep you posted. -Hawaiian Spirulina -Sweet potatoes wrapped in Nori -16 oz of cucumber juice -licorice root and l-lysine • I was very very tired this morning. I couldn’t even make my celery juice. I ended up drinking it in the evening 2 hours after I ate. But later in the day my energy slowly came back and I could do things. As you can see this journey has a lot of ups and downs. I’ve sort of learned that it is best to be flexible and go with the flow. If not it ends up being 10 times more difficult. Day 16 done ✅ • • • #taratom #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcommunity #90DayThyroidRehab #eczema #eczemarecovery #adrenalfatigue #adrenalfatiguerecovery #chronicfatigue #invisibleillness #foodismedicine #epsteinbarrvirus #ebv #ReverseDisease #chesttightness #tinnitus #thyroid #digestiveissues #nerveproblems #inflamednerves #healingtakestime #healingispossible #youcandothis #thyroidrehabchallenge #whatieatinaday #whatieatinadayvegan 39 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21

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➡️ O Neurinoma do acústico, também chamado de Schwannoma Vestibular, é um tumor benigno que se origina no nervo vestibular, localizado no ouvido interno. O ouvido interno é um pequeno canal por onde passam os nervos vestibular ( associado ao equilíbrio), coclear ( relacionado à audição) e facial (responsável pelos movimentos da face). Com o crescimento do tumor essas estruturas são comprimidas e os sintomas aparecem. . . ➡️ O Neurinoma do acústico é um dos tumores intracranianos mais comuns, e existe uma mutação genética relacionada ao surgimento da lesão. Os principais sintomas são perda de audição, zumbido, desequilíbrio e comprometimento da mímica facial. . . . ➡️ O tratamento é multidisciplinar e envolve a microcirurgia para a retirada da lesão, a radiocirurgia para as lesões pequenas, e até o tratamento conservador para os pacientes assintomáticos. Cada caso deve ser avaliado individualmente para que o melhor resultado seja alcançado. . . 📬 Locais de atendimento e contatos no site https://www.doctoralia.com.br/medico/demauir+renvik-14918705 . . #neurocirurgia #neurologia #oncologia #oncology #cirurgia #radioterapia #radiotherapy #schwannoma #neurinomadoacústico #tumor #tumorcerebral #neurofibromatosis #otorrinolaringologia #perdadeaudicao #surdez #audição #hearing #hearingloss #schwannomavestibular #paralisiafacial #desequilibrio #zumbido #vertige #tinnitus #fonoaudiologia #audiometria #fisioterapia 45 ♡ 3 ✍ March 20