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Recently watched: We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011). - I watched this in preparation for Lynne Ramsay’s next film, You Were Never Really Here. - “You know, you can be kind of harsh sometimes.” - Disturbing on a psychology level. Told through the perspective of someone living with guilt. This film is told through feelings and emotions rather than the traditional narrative. This honestly was the best way to tell this story. This is Tilda Swinton’s best performance. A mother caring around guilt and living life in pain. You can practically see it on her face. I was a fan of Ezra Miller far before Justice League, this is where I discovered him. This is also, his best performance. He plays this sinister kid who’s never felt any emotion (with perhaps the exception of rage). He puts on a show for his father, while his mother has always seen the truth. Kevin’s views on the world are dark and detailed. Yet they can’t be explained. Maybe he was born evil. That was my original theory. Now I look at it as a story about nurturing. Neither of his parents could properly take care of him. There’s a lot symbolism. The colors of Kevin’s archery target (red, white, blue, and yellow) are present in every scene. The Robin Hood book. When the mom eats scrambled eggs while spitting out broken shells, it’s the same way Kevin spits out his nails. The kitchen cabinet lock and the locks on Kevin’s school. There’s a lot, but I don’t want to go overboard with it. This is a film where you don’t want to analyze it too much or else you’ll miss the main point. This is a film with near perfect filmmaking. The camerawork, the performances, the precise writing, and dare I say perfect editing. By the time this film ended, I was drained. This is my second viewing and I don’t believe I can watch it again. It really takes a lot to handle. Worth a watch, but at your own risk. - “There is no point. That's the point.” - 10/10 (A+). - #moviereviews #filmreviews #WeNeedtoTalkAboutKevin #LynneRamsay #TildaSwinton #JohnCReilly #EzraMiller #RoryStewartKinnear #LionelShriver #SeamusMcGarvey #JonnyGreenwood #MentalHealth #SchoolShooter #Sociopath #film #movie #cinema #cinephile #filmmakers #cinephilecommunity 50 ♡ 2 ✍ March 23

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Movie review of: "Doctor Strange." One of the most #unique, #complicated, and #compelling movies #marvel has ever deared to make. #DoctorStrange manages to put on screen one of the most complicated superhero ever. This movie manages to be entertaining, unique, fast paced, to look beautiful and it also manages to feel realistic at some point. The characters feel so realistic, the dialogue is great and the script is like no other. Still, the script manages to force jokes quite often. This movie is a drama, and sometimes it kind of forgets that and tries to have a joke like #TheLastJedi or #GOTG and it just completely falls flat. This movie has so many things in its favor, but humour is not one of them. The visual effects in this movie are midblowingly good, i really don't know why this movie didn't win an #Oscar on this category. This movie also has a stellar cast with #BenedictCumberbatch completely nailing the part of #StephenStrange, there are also great actors like #RachelMcAdams #MadsMikkelsen and #TildaSwinton. Still, even with a great actor as a villain, the villain has no story at all, no inspiration and this villain really became one of the most typical plain villain in a superhero movie. This movie manages to self contained and still manages to expand the #MCU in a big way. This is a movie that is still worse than many other #MarvelStudios films, but still manages to be a strong movie that I would recommend anyone to see, this is a movie out of the ordinary that really is worth watching. Rating: 8.3/10 16 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23