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The Gift (2015) 7.6/10 Recommended. If you’re looking for an easy watch on Netflix, I’d highly recommend The Gift. It’s an easy watch. The plot is sophisticated, but not too confusing. If anything, the plot twists are satisfying, rather than demanding. The story played out just liked I wanted it too. It’s unpredictable, but not too outrageous. Unfortunately, a friend spoiled the entire movie for me before I watched it, but that didn’t stop me from becoming invested into it. At first glance, one wouldn’t know how to classify the movie, because being a Blumhouse film, it automatically gets thrown into the horror category. I would give it a Thriller or Mystery title, because its gradual increase of suspense is effective, but it lacks any horror elements. The resolution will creep you out, though, but then again, it will make you pretty damn happy that you watched the movie. So, if I could praise anything about the film, it would be its amazing ending. Amazing endings make any movie worth watching. The psychological effect of The Gift is tremendous. The underlying creepiness of the antagonist never leaves you alone. When it finally does, you only have a few minutes to take a breather before you get hit with terrible news. Not quite a M. Night Shyamalan twist, but it could definitely compete. I’m only using the term “easy watch” lightly. Beware. #thegift #jasonbateman #joeledgerton #rebeccahall #thriller #movie #mystery #horror #monkey #review #moviereview #moviereviews #goodmovie #netflix #netflixmovies 17 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22