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Bullying Made Me Mannish. I was bullied as a child both at home and at school. By the time I hit secondary\high school I had already numbed myself to the hurt and pain these uncaring actions towards me caused. At least I thought I was numb. The reality is the pain and hurt festered in my heart and I became bitter, angry and filled with malice. People who know me will wonder at that last sentence because I am usually a cheerful, friendly person. I need only remind them of the occasions I would open my mouth\type on my phone and say something that was unkind, offensive and thoughtless. The truth is sin begets sin. The sinful, uncaring actions of the bullies against me led me to respond in kind and become uncaring of others' feelings. In my unredeemed, unregenerate state I chose the natural, sinful choice. I am a woman but these sinful emotions caused me to be aggressive, abrasive, uncaring and thoughtless. I was very masculine and as a woman these emotions and attitudes were decidedly sinful and negative. It has taken many years, but now I can say that I am free of the bitterness, anger, hurt and malice that was clogging me up. I am free because of the overwhelming grace and power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. As a woman it is my desire to be godly in a feminine way. Praise be to God that He has removed these things from me that were causing me to stumble. #beingfemale #femininity #setapartgirl #saynotobullying #childhooddrama #childhoodtrauma #beingfeminine #fascinatingwomanhood #girlygirl #ladylike #tomboynomore #proverbs31woman #female #feminine #godlywoman #thankjesus #growingup #changing #metamorphosis 15 ♡ 2 ✍ March 23