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Day Ten (final day)~#PowerAndGraceYogis~ #inversionofchoice ❤ #sirsana |#supportedheadstand |#headstand makes me feel powerful and graceful. I added it to my practice at a year postpartum with my son (2016) and then mostly removed it from my practice when I had a rough pregnancy with my daughter (born July 2017). I feel that at 7 months postpartum, I am beginning my headstand practice again. I am beyond excited to have the #corestrength to engage my abs to pull/float my legs up rather than kicking up to the wall. It's happening more consistently and I can adjust and hold this pose for several rounds of breath. Sirsana reminds me about the power my body has to have birthed two kiddos 25 months apart and the grace I have learned in mamahood and relearning this pose ✌ This challenge has been fabulous~the gallery and community are spectacular ❤ Big love to the Hosts and Sponsors for creating this magic ✨ Gracious Sponsors: @happyworldclothing @onzie @aquaburns @goamagicfashion @danceweaver @zyia.with.lara @spiritualjunkies @haramichinyc @naturalstresssolutions . Graceful Hosts: @rhyannawatson @silver_cloudss @themuscleboundyogi . Power & Grace Pose List: ✔ Day 1: Toe Stand ✔Day 2: Skandasana ✔Day 3: Side Plank ✔Day 4: Wheel Pose ✔Day 5: Warrior ✔Day 6: Camel Pose ✔Day 7: Crow Pose ✔Day 8: Eagle Pose ✔Day 9: Tiger Pose ✔Day 10: Inversion of Choice . @igyogachallenges #7monthspostpartum #toddlermom #25monthsapart #yogamama #yogainstructor #yogateacher #yogaeveryday #myyogajourney #postpartum #mypostpartumjourney #mypostpartumbody #our1852farmhouse #powerandgrace 43 ♡ 2 ✍ March 18