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🌟WISDOM WEDNESDAY🌟 The Universe will always deliver exactly what you’re giving attention! 🤔WTF does that mean?? It means that if you continually focus on being broke, being single, or being unhappy, you are only going to continue to receive more situations and opportunities to be broke, single and unhappy. 💡To the Universe, everything we’re thinking and feeling is a wish or prayer to be answered. It can’t decipher whether or not you think something is good or a bad, it just responds to the vibes you’re sending out. All it cares about is granting those wishes and answering your prayers. To change a situation, you have to change your thoughts and energy. 🤔How the hell am I supposed to do that?? You have to start focusing your attention on what you WANT, and stop thinking about everything you don’t. You have to change how you think, and the things you’re thinking about. 💡Your mind works just like every other muscle in your body. To change and strengthen it, you have to work on it. You have to be committed to showing up every day, and to eliminating your old bad habits and creating new good ones to replace them. You’ve got to be dedicated to feeding your mind healthy and nourishing food for thought. You’ve got to stop putting yourself in the same old situations and hanging with the same old people that keep enabling you to stay stuck and stop yourself from changing. 🔑Negative thinking works just like any other addiction. You can’t realistically expect to undo and change years of behavior overnight. Think of it this way: no one needing to lose 50 pounds and stop overeating can do it overnight, and no lifelong alcoholic can stop drinking and get sober in a day. You get the point...it takes time and effort to make big changes, but it’s SOOOO worth it! Yes, you’ll probably slip up and backtrack occasionally, but catching yourself when you do and getting right back on track are the keys to moving forward. If you want to retrain your brain, but feel like you need some help, I’m inviting you to pick MY brain.😃 Click the #linkinbio👆 and book a ☎️ Sometimes all we need is a little clarity and help getting pointed in the right direction! 6 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21