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Reallygood post@cartergood with @get_repost ・・・ 📍CALORIE CYCLING FOR FAT LOSS📍 ——— There’s no doubt about it —> tracking your nutrition is one of the best ways to ensure you're consistently eating the right amount of calories and macros for your fitness goals. ⠀ But even though I love tracking macros & counting calories 📝❤️ , not everyone shares my enthusiasm... ⠀ For some, it's just not their thing... which is totes okie-dokie! ⠀ You do NOT have to track or count to successfully lose weight (you do have to be in a calorie deficit, though 😉) ⠀ However, I feel like a lot of people who dislike tracking don't realize how flexible it can be. You see, most people who tell me they hate counting calories say it's too monotonous for normal life — that eating the same number of each day doesn't allow for much flexibility. ⠀ Well, here's the thing. You do NOT have to eat the same number of calories or macros every single day! ⠀ Similar to how your week-to-week weight average is more important than your day-to-day weight, your average weekly calorie intake is far more relevant than how many calories you're eating on any specific day. ⠀ Knowing that, there's a lot to do that'll make your calorie intake work for YOU! (hehe, that rhymed 🤓) ⠀ This graphic shows three ways you can manipulate your weekly calorie intake to fit your preferences. Obviously, these aren't the only three possibilities, but they're ones I've found work best for myself and my clients. ⠀ Personally, I like to eat (roughly) the same number of calories each day, but that's because I enjoy predictability and simplicity. I have clients who hate eating the same number of calories and, instead. Prefer cycling ‘em based on when they workout or to accommodate their weekend partying 🍻 ⠀ The Bottom Line ✅: an essential part of being successful is figuring out how to follow your diet with consistency, and while there's nothing magical about calorie cycling, it can be an excellent tool for creating a more enjoyable plan 👍 ——— ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 2 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24

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Heyyy lady loves 🌸 do you track your cycle? If not, here’s your reminder! I’m always telling my female clients to get the @floliving app called “My Flo” because it totally spells out how to EAT and TRAIN around your cycle for hormonal optimization. Often, I’ll ask them where they’re at right when they walk in the door, especially if they say they feel tired and groggy. 🤔 If you want to dive deep, I highly recommend the book “Woman Code” if you’d like to learn how your body works and WHY. _ Your menstrual phase doesn’t need to feel like a complete shit show. If it does, consider looking into how you’re working out during the different phases and consider changing things up. For example, did you know there are certain phases you should be doing HIIT and certain phases you should just be walking, doing Pilates or yoga and kickin’ back? You feel fatigued for a reason and it’s your body’s signal to SLOW DOWN. I’ve learned this the hard way and my hormones went completely out of whack because of pushing myself too hard at the wrong time. _ ALSO ... caffeine. Do you drink it on an empty stomach? 😱 I used to do this EVERY day and wondered why I felt like a crazy person all afternoon! For women, this effs our blood sugar and hormones up until you go to bed that night. We are sensitive, cyclical systems and your movement practice should be reflect that. That’s why I’ve learned to offer varied services because although I love to hit the weights, it’s not always optimal to be doing that. Endorphins and movement are good, running yourself into the ground is a no-no 😘 #SyncYourCycle 7 ♡ 1 ✍ March 24