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When someone’s back is against the wall. Comes the true test of their character. 👑 2017 gave me some defining experiences to deeply appreciate... To know exactly what I’m available for + what I’m not available for- ✨in all areas. What experiences did you have in 2017 that helped you become a better version of yourself? To refine your character + standards + self-respect? P.S. every moment/experience/circumstance is FOR you. It’s a gift. 🎁 Have you taken the time to check in with yourself? If not, it’s never too late to start. Buy a journal. Check in daily with yourself. If we don’t even take the time to honor + get intimate AF with ourselves, why would anyone else? P.S. Check any expectations + entitlement at the door NOW. ✍🏻journal: “what did I learn from ——?” “What can I learn from ——?” “This helped me gain clarity for what I want in——“ List out what it helped you define for yourself. Be specific AF. Be unapologetically honest with yourself. Accept the invitations life gives you to go into deeper intimacy with yourself. 👑Simplicity + clarity are king. The best of the best. The top 1%, know this. 🍾 I’m loving basking in the bliss of living luxurious AF. I wish I could bottle it up and sell it. However, it is something to reveal. It comes from inside of you. External luxury that is sustainable, a lifestyle, is a by-product. I can’t wait for the souls I’ll be guiding to live their Inside Out Lifestyle to feel fulfilled + alive + free AF in 2018. You’ve got all the answers within. The gold is within. You can have it all. You deserve to feel massively sensual + luxurious AF in mind + body + soul. It’s time to take back your mind + body + soul in 2018. My wish for you in 2018 is to live your Inside Out Lifestyle because baby, you’re worth it. Your time is now. 💎Will you show up? You are infinitely worthy, Allison Xx #fullyexxposed #insideout #lifestyle #soulheartandhustle #luxuriousAF #alive #fulfilled #freeAF #transformation #purpose #entrepreneur #businesswoman #inspirewomen #selfcare #selflove #optimalhealth #mindset 9 ♡ 0 ✍ January 13