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Trapped, Sometimes life can feel as though you are trapped. I remember there was a season in my life where It appeared as though I was in a box. I had been praying and asking God to move and for months those prayers seemed unanswered. It was a constant war in my mind, that said “take matters into your own hands” while the Holy Spirit kept reminding me “to wait and trust in God”. It was a war but more than anything I felt trapped between the two. ____________________________ That was a difficult season for me but I continued to trust God, even when I didn’t understand and the pain in some moments overwhelmed me. I knew that God would keep his promise. Some circumstances may require us to move or do something drastic but I am referring to the seasons where God has clearly said wait. _______________________ I encourage anyone who is going through this season to continue to wait and trust. God will keep his promise and at just the right time God will move. ____________________________ Don’t take matters into your own hand, it will only make your journey longer and things worse. God always has a plan in a plan and we never fully understand it until God has brought us out that season. You are not trapped, God is doing a New thing in your life. You are in God’s waiting room and he will make a way out for you! Be encouraged. #BettyeNicole #baileysdash #encouragement #infantloss #angelmom #BaileyNicole #Godisfaithful #blogpost #subscribe #sids #angelbaby #reignbeaux 140 ♡ 4 ✍ March 21