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3/22 WEEKEND INTERACTIVE READING. ————————— Ok i have to admit that Angela Hartfield’s decks are becoming some of my favourites. The quality, drawings (Josephine wall), description, feel of the cards are really ahead of the game. I love BIG cards too, the feel of them on your hands etc ugh 😍, I can’t get enough of them. Anyways ! This Saturday I have plans and then Sunday I’ll be recording readings all day, I’ve fallen behind a little bit as I haven’t been feeling 100% in the last couple of days, most likely from working too much. However, those who’ve purchased should still receive them in the 10-14 day business delivery time I mention when you’ve purchased. If I’m not feeling well, I don’t channel AS WELL. Thank you for being patient 🙏🏻❤️. So.. For the newbies and regulars 😁, quiet your mind, focus on what you need to know for this weekend ahead and zone in on the card that you are drawn to. I highly encourage you to only choose ONE card, this will help you to further practice and trust your intuition. There are NO wrong answers here so let your intuition guide you ✨. Now, COMMENT either LEFT, TOP, BOTTOM or RIGHT and tag a bestie while you’re at it too 😅😝. Results will be posted tomorrow morning 🙃! Love you guys 😍❤️✨. • • • If you’d like to purchase a private reading, visit my Etsy shop, link in BIO ❤️. For PayPal donations, PayPal.me/readingsbyemma555 🙏🏻❤️. • • • #grateful#tarot#tarotcards#oracle#oraclecard#tarotreadersofinstagram#lawofattraction #love#serendipity#synchronicity#magic#lightworker#gratitude#psychicreading#lovereading#abundance#god#1111#888#999#616#717#numbers 51 ♡ 54 ✍ March 22