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By Tulsi Maya AKa Pretty Whores The zombie, by its physical nature, inspires fear. It is gray-skinned and bloodied, missing a limb or an eyeball. It lurches forward in tattered clothing, arms reaching out for supple flesh. Among a sea of gaunt, gangling bodies, it hobbles over its own intestines and chatters its decaying teeth From its entry into our consciousness to The Walking Dead, the creature is more than an aesthetic horror it is a form of political critique. The (un)dead have been used by filmmakers and writers as a metaphor for much deeper fears: racial sublimation, atomic destruction, communism, mass contagion, globalism and, more than anything a metaphore of each other. He suffers from anxiety, profound overwhelm, and dissociative states. He lives in perpetual states of vigilance. He has trouble trusting others. He has insomnia. He is terrified of relationship, and angry at the world. He feels dislocated. He spends most of his free time a little drunk, video gaming, and surfing the net or shopping. Do you recognize him? He is not alone. I know many others who suffer like this. There is a zombification happening in our culture. Zombie states are a reaction to systematic and cultural overload, traumatic overwhelm. These states are an adaptive response, an escape, an attempt to reorganize. They represent a strange, morbid stepping stone toward social, ecological and psychological wholeness, a rebalancing, a remembering. We #makeourstory #wokegeneration #indiebutmajor we are the #rainbowarmy we #fightforyourrights we are the voice for the voiceless #bethechange  #joinmyreality #goddess of #art #tulsimaya #prettywhores #zombie #illustration #womart #contemporaryart  #artblog  #artleadher #instaart  #instaartist #coolart #art #inspirationalart #artactivism Call of the inner #wildwoman #roots #divinefeminine#riot against #patriarchy 3 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23