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T E L E P H O N E P O P A R T " R I N G I N G O F F T H E H O O K " U n s i g n e d L a t e T w e n t i e t h C e n t u r y H e i g h t : V a r i e s A p p r o x . 1 5 " . Inquire for pricing. The Pop Art movement was a result of the industrial era. Commercial products and marketing made for a new type of art with "mass appeal." This Pop Art telephone embodies the often whimsical Pop Art movement and depicts a universally recognized object to turn into art -in this case, the rotary telephone! Titled "Ringing off the Hook" this work is pure, unadulterated whimsy and everyone who sees it does a double-take! Rotary phones were in use throughout most of the 20th century and the post-modernists of the sixties grew up with this telephone. To add to the visual impact (and to make the art practical) the artist turned the phone into a lamp! The handset now acts as an adjustable light. The lamp has recently been rewired and works perfectly. Switch on cord turns on the lamp. At night, or in a darkened room, the lamp has a surreal appearance. This work is gorgeous and everyone loves it. Never have we seen a work of Pop Art that so viscerally impacts the viewer and becomes the immediate topic of conversation. "Ringing off the Hook" is the perfect showpiece for your Penthouse, Palm Springs Estate, or Loft Apartment! #RafaAndCoco #gallery #group #midcentury #eames #artdeco #mcm #popart #phone #lamp #light #tabletoplighting #phonelamp #vintage #rare #collectors #pristine #beautiful #designer #collectors #architecture 5 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22