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I’ve been asked a few times if I’m still doing exercises laying on my back and the answer is yes! There’s a lot of conflicting advice about laying on your back throughout pregnancy, which has always been something that I’ve questioned as the reasoning behind not being allowed to lay on your back, simply does not make a lot of sense to me! . . The study done on the subject was with 29 women only and was done in late pregnancy during their sleep. They monitored the movement of the women during their sleep and found as little as 5% difference between laying on the sides and back. And ALL women had healthy babies. And apparently the research has recently been shunned anyway.... so I’m told. . . Of course I always say ‘if something doesn’t feel right for the individual then don’t do it’ BUT every pregnant woman Ive know and taught, have not had any issues lying on their backs for short periods of time at least. . . The fact that the baby could possibly press down on the vena cava, only really makes sense to me in late pregnancy when the baby is at a heavy enough weight and surely if that was the case, the mother would also feel the repercussions of this. . . Now of course I’m not a medical professional and these are only my opinions from the research Ive done, but the reason I feel so confident in saying this is because I’ve also spoken to numerous doctors throughout my pregnancy visits, who all agree! . . So to cut a long story short, yes I lay on my back when I’m working out for short periods of time and I feel great! Pregnancy already puts limits on what we can/can’t do, so why make life harder unnecessarily? As long as you Listen to your body and do what feels good and right for you. Well, that’s my opinion anyway 🤗 love to know what you think? #powerpilatesuk 312 ♡ 20 ✍ March 18