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MAGIC . Believe in your heart that you are meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles 〰️ Roy T. Bennet . 🧚‍♀️ #FairyYogaFriday 🧚🏼‍♂️🦋🌺💫 I’m super happy to be Guest Fairy host today and I promised last week that I’d tell you how I chose my pose pick of firefly and why today is super extra special!! Well the truth is I didn’t choose the pose, my bigger little girl did, and it’s her 11th birthday❗️❗️❗️Both my girls LOVE my fairyyogafriday pics and when they heard I would be cohosting they were full of pose suggestions 😂 Firefly is one of the birthday girl’s faves so I went with that one, and that quote above is my message to her today 💛 Littler little girl showed me where to go to find these fantastical fairy cloud formations 😉🌬☁️ . I know, I know, firefly is not the most popular...I heard the collective groan from my fellow fairies 😏 Please know that you could not be more welcome to make adjustments as needed if firefly is not in your practice, or come play with a completely different pose if you like! If you are keen to work on your titti (ha ha, I love the name of this pose 😅) I do have a really short tutorial video on my YouTube channel which you could check out if you like (link directly their from my IG bio). . I’ve tagged as many fairy friends as IG allows to ask that you please come play with us fairies tomorrow ❌⭕️❌⭕️ . 🦋To Play: 1. Use the hashtag: 🌻 #FairyYogaFriday . 2. Tag the hosts: 🌺Fairy Hosts @v_to_the_ickletoria @treeetreee @bendingearthgirl . 3. Do the pose of the week 💜THIS WEEK'S POSE💜 March 23 Guest Fairy @nats.yoga.creative #FireflyPose / #Tittibhasana or any variation . 🍃NEXT WEEK'S POSE🍃 March 30 Fairy’s Choice! . 🦋Each month we will pick a lucky fairy player to guest host with us and pick a pose ✨ . . #yogamakesmehappy #myyogajournal #yogaeverywhere #practiceandalliscoming #makingshapes #myyogalife #creativeyogi #yogafamily #yogalove #yogagoals #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #yogisofig #yogafit #ibendsoidontbreak #yogapractice #yogaart #yogatribe #yogaislife #bodypositive #healthyyogi #myyogapractice #yogaathome #beagossess #yogavibes 21 ♡ 5 ✍ March 22