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*HANDSTAND TOE TAPPIN’ FOR EVERYONE! 👣 . . #angelasyogatutorials . . This challenge of brining your toes to your wrist is tough because you have to be able to shift your shoulders and hips forward and keep them lifted high while you pull your thighs to your chest and you toes to your wrists. This variation makes it possible! . Grab yourself a chair, (they are like $12 at Staples Or try a kitchen chair) something heavy to place on it and a sliding surface. Place the chair in front of you with your back against the wall and then use your feet to pull it in. . .👣Press down into your hands and straighten both arms. Spread your shoulder blades and press your entire back body into the wall behind you. Keep your hips pressing to the wall as well. This is crucial in being able to keep your hips high. . . 👣Wall your feet down to the legs of the chair. This is why you need something heavy on the chair. 😅To avoid pushing the chair away suck your abdominal up and in and keep pushing your hips to the wall. The minute your hips drop it is over! Now try to straighten your legs and flex your feet. Think of drawing the kneecaps up and the entire leg up into the hip socket at if you were sucking the legs up into the hip sockets like a thick milkshake being sucked up throw a straw! 🥤(okay, now I really want a thick milkshake though! 😛) . . 👣Take a deep inhale and as you exhale draw your navel to your spine, knit your ribs together and flex your foot strongly as you bring one foot off and pull your thigh to your chest to tap your toe to your wrist. Try the second side. Keep lifting up through your booty as if you were a puppet being held up by strings attached to your butt!! . Wearing: @aloyoga #handstand #handstanddrills #presshandstand #presshandstanddrills #toetaps #toetaptuesday #toetapdrills #yoga #yogatutorial #yogagirl #yogavideo #handstandtutorial #inversion #inversionjunkie 15 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21