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We as a woman love massage, mani, pedi, spa, salon, swimming, workout, branded sneaker and travelling. We love to explore and discover because life is full of adventure. We never satisfied we like to learn more and achieved other things. When you believe in your goodness you create your life , love and be happy. A few years ago I found myself feeling miserable my relationship collapsed, I worked like no meaning just to survive, deeply misunderstood, unloved by family, tight on money and my future seemed blurry. But then, something changed. I decided to shift my perspective and see what my life would be like if I stopped beating myself up over " not being good enough" and accepted who I was. I MADE A DECISION THAT I AM GOOD AND COMMITTED THEN I TEST THIS THEORY. I transformed the way I saw and lived life because of constant travelling. I become inspired, dream big and I was not threatened with challenges because it became opportunities. I meditated and gave myself enough sleep, quality food, exercise, in other words I pamper myself. Start yourself travelling embrace the nature and simply start from cheapest budgeted travel itinerary! Dream big and dare greatly!! Journey To Bangkok Email: julsgoodjob@gmail.com Tel: +66820-1698-48 Visit Bangkok With Only $100 including your hotel accommodation!! Don't think...You gotta move... #coupleswhotravel #vacation #goodvibes #positiveenergy #travellife #explote #travellingtheworld #travelphotography #philippinecheaptravel #vacationtophilippines #blogger #hashtag #holiday #travelgram #instatravel #adventure #happycouple #youngadventure #philippinetipidbyahe #amateurtraveler #novicetraveler #inspirationaltraveler #pinoyeto 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22