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Many of you have asked about the horses trained at our place, so we have decided to present them to you! This week we’ll dedicate to Zero Dreams’ Eye Catcher - ”Zäta”🐴 Day 2/7: - Zäta was a very well educated horse (or actually he is a pony!) already when he came to us, but as he had competed in barrelrace and polebending within western, we had some work to do on the archerytrack. We want the horses to be adjustable in speed and that can sometimes be a challenge! - In Zäta’s case, he already had the technique and the physics to be able to canter with long reins, he just thought in was so darn fun to run fast! And it’s easy to do that in a straight line of 99-150 meters, which are the measures of the archerytracks, every horse love it! Zäta also is veeery cute, but he’ll mislead you with that sweet face, underneath hides a very dominant little guy, who’s not afraid to use it against you. - His first competition was the Swedish Nationals in horseback archery, and Ylwa who rode him, took the opportunity to train the speed in a stressed situation before audience. That meant she corrected him if he went too fast, and didn’t shoot if she didn’t get the speed she asked for. The strategy turned out to be a winning concept, today this little guy have placed himself in Grand Prix and with someone on his back, who can master their own energies as well as his dominance, he really is a dream to team up with! 🐎 - Here Ylwa and Zäta plays in the snow! Photo by: cyroo.se - #horse #pferd #cheval #caballo #cavallo #dhahorseweek #pintabianhorse #pintabian #pintabiansofinstagram #poniesofinstagram #mylittlepony #arabianhorse #painthorse #quarab #dhah3 #dhahorsetraining #pintab #overo #zerodreamseyecatcher #equine #equinelife #equestrian #amazinghorse #bitless #blueeyedbeauty #ponny 30 ♡ 2 ✍ March 20