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It’s tough to understand me, but you will in time darling. I was a weird kid growing up who would be picked up by other kids because I wasn’t like the rest. I am still weird and i always thought I’d never find my twin untill i found you. I am obsessively OCD and how i like my flower pot to be in a particular dimension and have thoughts that are so random and sometimes i wonder if there are others who think like me. Over time you will understand my taste of music is so uncommon. That how i write down my feelings in an old book of brown pages and how i still adore antique things. How i prefer making little things for you or randomly writing poetry for you to express my love than actually spilling words off my mouth to tell you because i clearly find no words to. You know by now how i try to make my point by rattling words so abnormally and you make fun of me till i sit with a swollen face. You will know how i like to be a slug and cling on you like a monkey when i want attention because random hugs and kisses just make me happy. I like little things. In time you will notice how i come close just to smell you because i simple have no reason as to why i do that. You’ll learn that I hide food in the fridge just to satisfy my hunger pangs at midnight even though i had one good meal for dinner. So don’t be scared if you hear squeaky noises from the kitchen * chuckles * Inspite of the crazy self that i am, i will always love you and hope you do the same no matter how alien i get. - Just Alien Things . . . #randomwriting#wordoftheday#wordporn#wordoninstagram#love#feeling#alienthoughts#poetry#wordsarelife#alienfeels#justalienthings 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 19