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READ ! THIS IS REAL ! This is a free Giveaway for 20 Records! No Ca$h ; agains all Borders I need just 2 PICTURES 1 : POST ONE beautifull PICTURE Hashtag #picturesarelikewords 2 : COMMENT WITH : Your CONTINENT ; Your STATE ; Your CITY ; also a short Message here in this picture. 3 : I ASK then about YOUR ADRESS FREE SHIPPING NO COSTS 4 : That's what i need in the FUTURE : I need a picture of the happy guy with his Record. ONE PICTURE from him with the Record. >> Here on Instagram << >> IMPORTANT : NO COPY for GERMANY EACH CONTINENT MAXIMUM > 5 < RECORDS EACH STATE get JUST ONE COPY of ... Infected Mushroom  5x12" LP 🍄Return to the Sauce 🍄Handnumbered & limited to 25 Records each Record Handmade in clear Vinyl. 🌻💚🌻 Made with fun & euphoria NOTE : There is a official release from the band , Worldwide Ordering possible. 🔊🎼🍄🍄🍄✔ . >>> Feel free to inform Others <<< . ======================================= Disclaimer , Im not a part of the machine, It's just made for Pictures , Fun and for the Art. :) I don't collect any adresses , im not a part of Facebook. There is no comercial upcoming use with your Picture Im private here ! ======================================== . This Action is in Comunication with Infected Mushroom © Inspired from SissyCogan possible with a lot of help from different Artists. Thank's for all this messages :) !!! START NOW !!! There are 20 discs available, I made 25, I gave one to Erez & Amit, One of my daughter's gift (that's why no Copy for Germany available) One gets my son (it's as sweet as he says Infected Mushroom) One must go to the archive with me in the manufactory and I would like to give one directly to James Bond _IM_007 ART GALLERY :) You ask #WHY ? , and how #Pays for that ? NOT YOU HUMANITY ; That's the Fun ... :) It's just made for the ART & PICTURES #1nf3ct3d #infectedmushroom #psytrance #Vinylart #justforfun #picturecollector #lifelines #nightnurse #festival Start @indianspirit #indianspirit #edm #theotherside #experimental #gatekeeper #bedifferent #setlove be a #spore of #love #biggestproductionever are you smiling now ? 44 ♡ 2 ✍ December 9