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So, Hawai’i? . It was actually a funny story thou. When my husband and I planning our 2018 trip, we picked a couple of small pacific islands’ countries to visit. Simple reason; close from Australia, and way more impossible to visit from Jakarta (too long hour flight, too much transits, too small flight options). . But along this discussion, I put some silly idea, “hey, how about Hawai’i? Let’s just visit Hawai’i so my US Visa doesnt go to waste.” 😛✌🏻 Yeup, the only reason I throw Hawai’i into the discussion is just so my visa wont wasted 🤫 . And that was few months ago. The decision was made and no Hawaii in 2018. . But suddenly, literally I didn’t even think that it might happen, husband asked me, “hey, what do you think about Hawai’i?” It was 3 weeks before departure. . Well actually we didn’t visit Hawai’i just for holiday (well, me yes, husband no hahaha). Husband was invited to be a panelist/speaker in one of the conference at University of Hawaii. Yes yes, I am a proud wife. So of course I said yes. It was a great opportunity for him to be handpicked as a speaker. And a good opportunity for me regarding my visa 😝 Those 3 weeks after I said yes, was the busiest weeks by far, because of one simple reason; husband hasn’t had a US Visa 🤷🏻‍♀️ But thankfully, the process was flawless. . Long story short, this picture was taken by me, with my own phone camera, with no editing whatsoever (even no insta filter — bcoz the view is thaaaat good!), on the highest place in Oahu Island, the Diamond Head Crater Trail. One side is the mountains, one side is the city of Honolulu, and the rest is the blue pacific ocean. . The view was breathtaking (and yes after the hike, I was literally catching my breaths there 😂). And I remember thinking, “Wow. I actually prayed for this. And this is happening now. It’s here. I am in it. This is how it feels like the moments when I am realizing that God answered my pray with a ‘yes’.” . . . #nadiradius #usa #hawaii #oahu #diamondhead #diamondheadcratertrail #hike #pacificocean #honolulu #visithawaii #spring2018 #springinhawaii 6 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24