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Taking back a hold on my hormonal health! First stop, my nutrition. ⚠️Long post alert⚠️ Following a brilliant appointment with @kateshilland yesterday, it highlighted parts of my diet that are currently lacking, that all linked back and tied in to my symptoms/problem areas. Following this and, coupled with some brilliant advice and tools from Kate, I am feeling positive and eager to start trying to balance things back out again! ••• Sometimes a visit to the GP just doesn't cut it...if you are serious about your health, you may need to take matters in to your own hands! I would always recommend to seek advice when it comes to your nutrition and get to know what will work for YOU and WHY. As someone very much in the health and wellness field of work, there is only so much you can know...moving the body is my strongest point and I'd imagine the same goes for most coaches...its best to go to a great source of knowledge (ie Kate - please do check her out if you are thinking of seeking nutritional help!) that can really help point you in the right direction. Of course, this will not always be the answer, but definitely a good starting point. ••• So, hopefully by making a few changes to my diet, I will start to see a positive change in myself, how I feel and what my hormones are up to. I will keep those who are interested updated on how things go 🥜🥔🥑🍌🍗🍚🧀 #health#wellness#hormonehealth#nutrition#hormonebalance#dietchange#healthyfats#happycarbs#goodfood#optimalhealth#letstalkaboutperiods#menstrualhealth#wholebodyhealth#nutritionist#seekadvice#itsoktoaskforhelp#womenshealth#womenswellness#personaltrainer#bromley#chislehurst 13 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23