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#throwbackthursday Sometimes looking back to the past is a positive thing to do. Especially when you are looking back to see what progress you have made in a journey of “bettering” yourself. 🌸 I always go back to the picture on the left. Mainly because it is one of the few pictures I have of myself from “back then”. 🌸 When I see this picture I see a very tired Mom of 2. Heck, I remember drinking coffee on the way to our family pictures hoping it would wake me up so my eyes weren’t so sleepy! I also see a very puffy face most likely caused by lack of “good” nutrition. I remember walking through the fields and getting winded while carrying Allie. I can honestly say this is when I realized I was at a place in my life I never thought I would never be. I was physically and mentally out of shape. I was not myself anymore 😞 🌸 It took me 3 months of battling myself and a slight bit of depression to make a change. Yes, I battled myself.... and I am one of the most stubborn people ever!! It was not easy letting go of my bad habits until I became active in the best challenge (accountability) group ever! 🌸 I have also found a new hobby during this little journey of mine 😊 I have set out to help other ladies like myself. I want to INVITE YOU! Yes, you! To join me in my Accountability Group! We are kicking off 21 Day Fix on April 2nd! Drop a comment below or shoot me an email! I cannot wait to get you started ☀️ . . #letsgetreadyforsummer #fitmama #foodielife #makethechange #instamom #momoftoddlers #instamum #ohiogrown #cincinnatimom 25 ♡ 3 ✍ March 23