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Now, this is Awesome. @mobridals @rhodarobinson @olupurpose @Regrann from @sequencewithseyi - THIS IS NOT JUST A POST ; IT'S SOMEONE'S REALITY. MAJORITY'S REALITY. THE QUESTION SHOULDN'T BE WHY DOES HE DO IT? IT SHOULD BE WHY DO YOU ALLOW IT? WHY DO WE ALLOW IT? It's up to us to change the culture and the conversation about domestic violence and sexual assault. Being physically abused does not just happen, it's a process of manipulating and condemning the mind to the point where a person doubts his/her sanity,loses confidence and eventually self-love. Once you can fully control the mind of a human, then you have yourself a puppet. Mental and emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse and even worse. Victims of domestic violence don't necessarily look beaten up most of the time, they infact look quite normal and are a lot of people's so called "goals". This relationships always start rosey and almost perfect, then gradually there is a deformation of the mind and then eventually physical abuse. Victim are often made to believe that they are the problem. People often make wrong decisions and stay in unpleasant situations and marriage due to fear of what people would think or say. 1 out of 4 women, 1 out of 6 men is a victim of domestic violence. A lot of women can't speak for themselves, many stay with the wrong man because of their children, many loose their children. Some stay due to isolation and financial dependence. It's not easy to walk away from this hurt because a lot of women are afraid of how to survive outside their marriage. They are more afraid to leave. We all as individuals and a Nation must frown at it this slow poison. The guilty ones are not only the doers of this evil, but also those who allow, stand by and turn a blind eye. Let's make life worth living for the female child most especially. Educating their minds and letting them know that they are enough. Marriage is not a ticket to happiness and fulfilment. No relationship should define or validate your self worth and happiness Know the truth:LOVE IS REAL. FEAR IS NOT!!! #domesticviolence#domesticviolenceawareness#lovenotfear#makeup#specialeffects#nollyw 27 ♡ 0 ✍ June 7