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I know you've seen me thrive when eating, cooking, talking absolute shit (or hectic truths) with friends, swearing, laughing, cuddling my cat (even if she doesn’t want it), traveling the world, making sarcastic comments, having thick skin, giving tough love, coaching clients in health and wellbeing and not giving too many fucks about others opinions... . I was doing really well to live what I preached, I thought traveling solo would narrow down my focus for TIL.Co, and I would come back stronger, worldly, I don't know... but I found myself lost, pained, guilty, exhausted, and empty...and I still haven't quite got back to center. . To be brutally honest - being alone, quiet, creative, naked, unbridled, in the sunshine, connected to Mother Earth and all her blessings is actually where I am safest and where I want to ground myself. . By that I mean, my awareness is more ecological, more impact-driven, more heartfelt for the Earth and my role as a soul in this lifetime. To coach people on their lifestyle choices, encourage questioning, curiosity, change, creativity and PLAY! and in turn, explore all of this myself. . I will fuck up, stumble or be hypocritical at times with my consumption and footprint. Pull gold out of my ass sometimes and beg for help at others. I will be honest while I navigate this... healing and growth is NOT linear! But I can feel the WHY coming in strong and the clearer it gets, the better I can serve others. . πŸ’›βœ¨πŸŒˆ thanks for staying here while I run blindly into my own business and re-learn how to be a badass goddess! My sparkle is being replenished so I can keep throwing it like fucking confetti . πŸ“· @leandro_j_s 110 ♡ 11 ✍ March 22